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Common questions

1 - What do I need to install the Hsimulators add on?

You must purchase an X-Plane license in advance. With the demo version of X-Plane you are allowed to fly only in a restricted area.

2 - I had installed Thule Air Base and Greenland Mesh. In more was installed the new orbital textures. After I upgraded my copy of X-Plane from the Laminar server, the orbital textures are back as originals.

Yes! Every time you accept X-Plane upadate, the X-Plane installer will replace the orbital textures. You will need to reinstall the Thule Air Base + Greenland Mesh.

3 - Do I need any third party add-ons as a prerequisite?

No! Hsimulators works only with your own objects and standard X-Plane fonts only.

FIX BUGS between diferent version x-Plane 11 and 10

Users report the error when installing in X-Plane 10 (just for X-Plane 10 users)

“lib/airport/Ramp_Equipment/Stair_Maint_1.obj” isn’t installed by the installer and is missing. It seems to be referenced in the “Custom Scenery/1ThuleAB/Earth nav data/+70-070/+76-069.dsf” file

Solution: download an install the patch01 below

Hsimultors Patch 1
Installation Priority 

The scenarios developed by HSimuladores are made in stages, where terrain reliefs, land classification, vectors and other objects are always updated. Buyers of the HSimulators scenarios receive these enhancement updates periodically.


is important to obey a setup order. If you have Thule Air Base + Greenland Month; North Canada Mesh; Grise Fiord, it is important to follow the following installation priority:

  1. Greenland Mesh 
  2. Thule Air Base 
  3. Canada Mesh North
  4. Grise Fiord - winter or summer scenarios
  5. CFS Alert

We made Grise Fiord in these two versions, where the buyer has the option to install the scenario that he deems most appropriate.

  1. Grise Fiord Winter
  2. Gise Fiord Summer

However, if you have the Grise Fiord Summer scenario installed, and wants to fly on Winter, you must uninstall it from the Windows control panel and then install the winter option, and vice versa.

Another important detail: in the installation of any HSimultors scenarios, the installer will insert orbital textures added to the X-Plane defaulr scenario, above 73 degrees, which are nonexistent in the X-Plane default scenario. All North above 73 degress, Canada and Greenland receives these textures. 

Note: When you choice the update X-Plane 11 on start, after upadate the X-Plane can change the Orbital Textures. You will nedd to reinstal the last priority Hsmimulators scenery to reisntal the correct textures. In actual date, the Grise Fiord can do this.

Errors can also occur in the Mesh scenario, as it is a scenario that has not been modified from the X-Plane default scenario. As the X-Plane Global scenario has no scenarios above 73 degrees north, HSimulators did this great job in North Mesh Canada and Greenland Mesh. It is common to find some discrepancy. Please kindly give us the address of the place, make some suggestions and send us. We will repair and update.

My support is personal. I am one person company and I worl form 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, GNT +3Hs00.
If you encounter any doubt, please, right me an e-mail.

Thank you very much

Marcio N Amaral
The developer