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Common questions

1 - What do I need to install the Hsimulators add on?

You must purchase an X-Plane license in advance. With the demo version of X-Plane you are allowed to fly only in a restricted area.

2 - Do I need any third party add-ons as a prerequisite?

No! Hsimulators works only with your own objects and standard X-Plane fonts only.

3 - The HSimulators add-ons are for which operating systems?

Windows and Mac OS

4 - Does Hsimulators add-ons work on the X-Plane 10?

Yes, but, the user will have to move the files manually. We recommend the X-Plane 11 version

5 - I downloaded a new automatic update of the X-Plane 11 and the orbital textures returned to the standard state, without the terrestrial poles.

Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it in the path

6 - I bought the previous version of Grand Arctic. Do I need to pay to upgrade to the latest version?

No, absolutely! Whoever bought previous Grand Arctic will get the updates for free.

Report errors.

Litle discrepances can also occur in the Mesh scenario, as it is a scenario that has not been modified from the X-Plane default scenario. As the X-Plane Global scenario has no scenarios above 73 degrees north, HSimulators did this great job in North Mesh Canada and Greenland Mesh. It is common to find some discrepancy. Please kindly give us the address of the place, make some suggestions and send us. We will repair and update.

My support is personal. I am one person company and I worl form 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, GNT +3Hs00.
If you encounter any doubt, please, right me an e-mail.

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Marcio N Amaral
The developer