The AATD built in 26 days

Pilot Sho Peru - AATD King Air GTX Proline21

Pilot Shop Peru acquired in Brazil an AATD King Air Proline 21 GTX simulator device and for almost two years  simulator was not assembled, built the visual and installed the systems.
Faced with this, the small school owners who have put all their efforts into deploying courses and simulator training, have seen their dreams collapse. They called for Marcnamara who, faced with a problem, used her knowledge and went to Peru to help the school.

When unpacking the pieces of the simulator it was found that what was in the packages would never result in a simulator.
In a great effort, from November 5th to December 1st, 26 days of work, a King Air Proline21 GTX simulator was planned, developed, built, and integrated, immersed in a virtual environment of 180 degrees.

The CEO of Marcnamara passed on all the necessary knowledge to a team of flight instructors who in a month were able to learn and perform all the complex tasks involved in building a simulator device. An IFR level simulator, but a great task and successful victory of the aviation school.

The biggest challenge was to teach local people who had never built a flight simulator and to enable them to perform complex tasks. No less challenging was finding in the local market, resources, suppliers of parts, inputs, labor and services inherent to this technology. This King Air GTX Proline21 flight simulator device has virtually been rebuilt from scratch. The first of Peru.

Great success! A simulator that could be called Fenix.

Mission Accomplished!

Support for flight simulator certification

Arara city, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

With difficulty in operating the acquired Cessna AATD flight simulation device, Araras Aeroclube, located in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, requested the support of the flight simulator technology and systems expert, Márcio N Amaral. With the device that was unstable for almost a year, without functioning, the same type of work was done in Peru on a smaller scale. The reconstruction of most of the electronics, implementation of new systems, reconstruction and adaptation of new commands, exchange of components and implementation of visual systems. In the same way, local labor was used to carry out the tasks.
The representative of the company Marcnamara adjusted all the parameters that left the device Cessna AATD ready for certification, having been homologated by ANAC, Brazilian body that regulates this training area.